Karryl Eugene is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York, NY, who works in painting and sound. The force of introspection defines his work, where he deconstructs and reconstructs personal narratives, delves into his realm of emotionality, and contemplates his existence in the digital age. 

Karryl's work has been exhibited in Mickalene Thomas's "A Moment's Pleasure" at the Baltimore Museum of Art. He has also exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the ONART Gallery in Florence, Italy, and the Reginald Lewis Museums. In 2021, Karryl received the Mayor's Individual Artist Award from the Creative Baltimore Fund (BOPA) that helped financially support artwork made for "The Caches from the Shandy."

In 2019 Karryl also received the Elaine L. Schaefer Scholarship and the Eddie C. & C Sylvia Brown Family Foundation Brown Scholarship to fund his experience abroad studying at the Studio Arts International College in Florence, Italy. Karryl has worked as a co-organizer for as they lay which seeks to curate projects & public events that foster collaboration, creative action, + reflection, founded by Abdu Ali. Karryl has interned at the Hole, American Medium, Waller Gallery, School 33 art center, and he currently works as a Gallery Manager for Galerie Myrtis, founded by Myrtis Bedolla.

For Inquires please email karryleugene@gmail.com

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